Worst Advices About Logo Design Services That You Hear A lot.

What’s the first step in establishing a successful brand? You do know the answer! You’ll say designing a

What’s the first step in establishing a successful brand? You do know the answer! You’ll say designing a successful logo is the first step and key to move forward in the market. But people often take it easy as a piece of cake and ignore the utmost significance of dos and don’ts of designing a logo for a particular business. In today’s world where the competition is as tough as finding needle in a haystack, there you’ll find bundles of right and wrong advices from everyone around you. In short more mouths more talks.

Remember you simply cannot gather thistles and expect pickles.

Being a starter and having little knowledge about marketing standards of designing a logo will confuse you in choosing a perfect custom logo design. You’ll get varied types of advices but beware of the worst ones as they’ll will break your business into pieces before even if it is started. Peek through the content below that clearly describes what actually happens behind the curtain when you fell for these horrible worst advices about logo design services.

Have you heard “Why logo design services? Design on MS word”

Seriously are you going to fall for that? Today it is a world of DIY and you’ll be told a lot that designing a perfect custom logo design on your own on MS word, Adobe Photoshop and MS paint is not a hard nut to crack but are you aware that previously mentioned softwares are not even capable of creating vector graphics? And vector graphics are of utmost necessary for a logo design. It is better to consider professionally best logo design company than to have sub-standard logo design.

Add more colour it would be better

You’ll be hearing a lot, “Add more colors! Your logo will look pretty amazing”. Follow it up only if you have a business of paints and crayons, if not, don’t you consider it ever! Professionals will never advise you to use flashy and bright colors for your business logo design. Always use colors that are psychologically related with your brand. See more about the colors and their psychological connectivity on “Cheat Sheet to choose Color on Web”

You can copy anyone else’s logo and modify it a bit

Never ever even think of acting on such horrible advice! There will be a constant fearful threat of being sued and facing bitter criticism. Why is so important for a logo to be appear as one in a crowd of many? Imagine yourself seeing a crowd, anything that is unusual in a pretty or ugly way will naturally catch your attention. That is the only reason why your custom logo design must be unique from all others.

Design big and artistically complex

It is a common misconception that either design big or your design will not be noticeable at all. Also people often think that artistically complex designs will be more eye catching. A best logo design company will always alert you from the ugly consequences of these mistakes. C’mon it’s never about the size or complex designs that will give you a successful logo! Simpler and unique designs with correct usage of colors, fonts and icons are always memorable and eye catching.


Running a business is not an easy job. Even if you give 100% of your time, money and efforts it is utterly of no use unless and until you save yourself and your business from falling into the prey of these worst advices. Only opt for the opportunities that uplift your business. It’s up to you now! Will you even dare to act upon above said worst advices about logo design services and push your business into most terrifying hole of annihilation with your own hands?

Choose right! Design right!

Acting upon worst advices is scary but fear not! Contact Wurfel IT branding solutions to take care of your problems professionally. Currently Wurfel IT is the best logo design company in the market which crafts eye catching memorable logos following marketing standards and psychologies


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