Insane (But True) Things about Web Design

To understand web design process, this should be kept in mind that it is not about the outward

To understand web design process, this should be kept in mind that it is not about the outward visual appearance of the website. In fact, there is so much more to a website which is not considered by most of the visitors. Very few visitors look beyond the outward visual appearance and consider what happens behind the scenes of the website.

If you have plans for your web design you might want to take a look behind the curtain to learn insane but true and mind blowing things about it. Here are some amazing and surprising features of web designs.

Design anchors users where to focus on a website

The way we browse and read content over internet has changed forever. If the visitor cannot easily and quickly find the key information they will leave instantly and choose to visit another website instead. Web designers put their efforts to create websites with such layout and design that can deliver the most vital information to the users instantly and easily.

By using analytical tools and heat maps web professionals can see which links and buttons are popular so that they can continuously update their website with improvements.

Do you know your website’s code makes it appealing to search engines?

Even if you have the mind blowing website in the world but it will not matter if you have no visitors to visit and use the website. Website is coded by web professionals in such way that the code aids audience to find it when they enter particular keywords into Google, Bing or any other search engine. Search engines can be a very helpful source of bringing traffic to your website. Best practices of coding and taking smart steps to fully optimize the website for search engine lays a foundation of good relation of your website and search engine.

Age-responsive designs are not something insignificant     

Importance of smart content is known to everyone but every age group reacts differently to different layouts and contents. If your target audience varies in age you have to pay more attention on customizing your website that is for every age group.

How much time users take in making an opinion about website?

Only in 0.5 seconds user will have good or bad impression of the website. Even less than that if the users get uncomfortable with combination of irrelevant imagery and complex content or they are having problem in page loading they will get frustrated experience and prefer to leave the website.

Every browser has a different way of rendering websites

Don’t you find it different when you search the same things from two different browsers? What is the reason that the same website looks different across different browsers? It is because of the way that the browser translates the code and displays it on screen. Some browsers will translate and load the code in specific order and some will not recognize it at all.

Professional web designers are familiar with HTML and CSS standards. They know how to deal with potential hurdles and browsers issues. It’s their job to ensure that the website is functioning properly across various browsers and is giving great experience to everyone.

Multimedia content can have a negative or positive impact on website

Images and videos if used properly can be the very strong part of the websites and if not, they can cause a serious damage to the reputation of the website. Images and videos of large volume can slow down the loading time of the website. When it will take too long for a page to load users will get impatient and frustrating and abandon the website. Web designers must use images and videos that are optimized for the website, this will offer quick loading of the page with rich imagery or video content. This will engage visitors rather than driving them away.

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Do you know what happens when website offers several options to the users?

Every web professional struggles to provide options according to the wants and needs of its target audience and give these to them in the simplest, easiest and quickest way possible. When several options are given to the users, there is a strong probability that they will not know from where to achieve their goal and what they want to accomplish, they will miss the information that is set in front of them.

There are a lot of complexities of web designs, demanding high level of attention and updated knowledge to create the most interactive and best website possible.  Keep these mind blowing facts in your mind while designing your own website.

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