To understand web design process, this should be kept in mind that it is not about the outward visual appearance of the website. In fact, there is so much more to a website which is not considered by most of the visitors. Very few visitors look beyond the outward visual appearance and consider what happens behind the scenes of the website.

If you have plans for your web design you might want to take a look behind the curtain to learn insane but true and mind blowing things about it. Here are some amazing and surprising features of web designs.

Design anchors users where to focus on a website

The way we browse and read content over internet has changed forever. If the visitor cannot easily and quickly find the key information they will leave instantly and choose to visit another website instead. Web designers put their efforts to create websites with such layout and design that can deliver the most vital information to the users instantly and easily.

By using analytical tools and heat maps web professionals can see which links and buttons are popular so that they can continuously update their website with improvements.

Do you know your website’s code makes it appealing to search engines?

Even if you have the mind blowing website in the world but it will not matter if you have no visitors to visit and use the website. Website is coded by web professionals in such way that the code aids audience to find it when they enter particular keywords into Google, Bing or any other search engine. Search engines can be a very helpful source of bringing traffic to your website. Best practices of coding and taking smart steps to fully optimize the website for search engine lays a foundation of good relation of your website and search engine.

Age-responsive designs are not something insignificant     

Importance of smart content is known to everyone but every age group reacts differently to different layouts and contents. If your target audience varies in age you have to pay more attention on customizing your website that is for every age group.

How much time users take in making an opinion about website?

Only in 0.5 seconds user will have good or bad impression of the website. Even less than that if the users get uncomfortable with combination of irrelevant imagery and complex content or they are having problem in page loading they will get frustrated experience and prefer to leave the website.

Every browser has a different way of rendering websites

Don’t you find it different when you search the same things from two different browsers? What is the reason that the same website looks different across different browsers? It is because of the way that the browser translates the code and displays it on screen. Some browsers will translate and load the code in specific order and some will not recognize it at all.

Professional web designers are familiar with HTML and CSS standards. They know how to deal with potential hurdles and browsers issues. It’s their job to ensure that the website is functioning properly across various browsers and is giving great experience to everyone.

Multimedia content can have a negative or positive impact on website

Images and videos if used properly can be the very strong part of the websites and if not, they can cause a serious damage to the reputation of the website. Images and videos of large volume can slow down the loading time of the website. When it will take too long for a page to load users will get impatient and frustrating and abandon the website. Web designers must use images and videos that are optimized for the website, this will offer quick loading of the page with rich imagery or video content. This will engage visitors rather than driving them away.

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Do you know what happens when website offers several options to the users?

Every web professional struggles to provide options according to the wants and needs of its target audience and give these to them in the simplest, easiest and quickest way possible. When several options are given to the users, there is a strong probability that they will not know from where to achieve their goal and what they want to accomplish, they will miss the information that is set in front of them.

There are a lot of complexities of web designs, demanding high level of attention and updated knowledge to create the most interactive and best website possible.  Keep these mind blowing facts in your mind while designing your own website.

You’re on your way to design website for your business, but you’re stuck in picking the most adequate color combination which at first seemed like an easy task. Well, it is difficult to choose colors that define your product and brand. You may consider it an insignificant step, but is of utmost importance in designing decisions as you want your product and brand to be recognizable in market.

With the evolution of web development solution of this problem comes in the form of cheat sheets. They can be used to choose the suitable color combination which reflects what you want to bring in the market.

How can be cheat sheet helpful?

Why use a cheat sheet to choose colors for your website? Is choosing a color in web development a difficult task? Well, it might sound like a childish job to do, but making mistake by choosing impropriate colors for website will only lead to harm your business and products.  In business strategies and web development it carries an undeniable utmost significance. Different colors carry different meanings with respect to genders, traditions, surroundings and history.  While designing website, user who wants to choose correct and most suitable colors often gets confuse in choosing the right colors. Cheat sheets are solution for such problem, which help choosing the most adequate colors regarding to the target visitors of the website.

Do not forget what you want to represent!

Focus on choosing colors that are capable to reflect what you are offering and engage your target visitors. Keep in mind that what kind of age groups are you targeting? What kind of emotional response do you want to trigger? Are your products limited to a specific gender? What kind of feeling do you want to engage?
For example if you are designing a website related to plants and wild life, obviously you want to choose a color which is related to nature, balance and harmony. Green will definitely be the best color to choose for such website. Researches have shown that green color is liked equally by both genders.  

Improve your website using colors

Remember that different colors have different meanings and associations regarding to philosophy, traditions and surroundings of people. For example take a look on the short cheat sheet that is according to western culture.


  • Pink It represents femininity, it is commonly used to sell and market the products of women and girls.
  • Blue It is the most interactive color, liked by all genders equally. It expresses trust and constancy. It is often used by social media websites like Facebook, twitter etc., real estates, banks and health facilities.
  • Green It is familiar for its calming and kind effect on eyes. It represents nature, harmony and wealth.
  • Yellow This color is associated with happiness, glee, joyfulness, positivity and warm feelings.
  • Red  Very eye catching color, it is associated with passion and love. Also it represents danger, energy, fire and power. It is best for food, sport, gym and car sites.
  • Orange Stands for glee, cheerfulness and creativity. It grabs attention quickly so it is mostly used on call to action buttons.
  • Black This color symbolizes sophistication, wealth and prosperity. It is recommended for photography sites or those sites where pictures are more used, it gives pictures an outstanding effect.
  • Purple  Stands for strength, motivation and luxury. As this color is uncommon to find in nature it is related with magic, fantasy and mystery. It is suitable for educational, fashion and technology web sites.
  • White It is interface friendly color that symbolizes purity, cleanliness and safety, hence it is commonly used by medical and health websites.

Know that, colors that you are going to use, influence on the decision of the visitors of your website. If you are targeting a specific group of people or their specific kind of emotions choose your colors wisely according to that. Do not pick random colors, you will only end up spoiling your product.

How to choose color for your website?

After understanding the concept of colors, next comes the stage of using colors on your website. Theoretically speaking, you should not choose more than three colors for your website, i.e. background color, accent color and dominant color.

     1 – How to use dominant color?

Always use dominant colors in that part of the website where you want your visitor’s attention. Use eye catching colors, do not use them too much, as it will only create disastrous image of website. Only use such colors for highlighting vital part of the information.

      2 – Background color

Your background color choice reflects the story you want to tell. It delineates the purpose of your website. You should consider picking lighter colors for background if your dominant colors are of darker shades and vice versa, in this way you’ll end up with having the most adequate color combination for your website.

      3 – Accent color

You’ll be needing accent colors to give prominence to specific features of your website, such as call to action buttons, sales banner and badges. They do not carry as much significance as dominant colors do. Keep in mind that using of too much accent colors will only create chaos for visitors, to keep your website safe from such confusion use accent colors at suitable places to help visitor navigate easily through entire website.

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Are you planning to market your brand? Among all other marketing techniques, you must also be thinking of an out class brochure design for your brand. The question is, is it really a necessary? Well, it is that highly effective communicating tool which concise business image uniquely, that what is it about and what it offers for its customers. It is one of the marketing tools that represent the identity of the brand so it should be reflecting message of the brand integrity.  In contrast, poorly designed brochure will only lead potential customers to the greeting arms of competitors. Get quote for your designs here

  • Catalog Design
  • Flyer Design
  • Leaflet Design
  • Corporate Brochure Design
  • Booklet Design
  • Business Card Design

You don’t want that! Do you? Design Portfolio

Are you facing complication in getting your creative vision out for designing? People often face difficulties while designing an effective brochure that can amaze their reader. Here’s the thing if you are stuck on something while creating your brochure, the best technique is to look around to spark your ideas. You can surf over internet or edit template to create the finest eye catching brochure for your brand.

“Good artists copy, great artists steal.” —Steve Jobs

Here are the few ideas to design creative and finest brochures for your brand.

Target market should be known like a back of your hand.

As brochure is communication tool, it is of significant importance to know who you are targeting and how your services are providing solution to their problems. This way it will be easy for you to understand what they are looking for. For example if travelers are your target, then choose a design that is dedicated to travel destinations. Focus on the wants and needs of the target market, the more you do, more effective your brochure will be.

Why is it important to brainstorm with designers?

After understanding the needs of target market, now it is time to implement your ideas of designing practically. Brainstorming sessions with designers help in selecting suitable and appropriate brochures for target market. Choose what kind of information you are going to add, keep it simple and interactive. Do not use terms which your target market is not aware of.

Be creative and unique!

Your creativity is of significant value to distinct you from your opponents, as it can strengthen your brand’s identity.  Goal for the design that is original and its distinctiveness should be distinguishable. Even when it is shuffled with other brochures it should be prominent with its uniqueness and creativity.

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Stick to the point. It’s a brochure not a book!

Avoid mentioning about all the success and achievements of your brand. Do not put detailed information about the temptations of your services and products in your brochure. It will only confuse the readers and make it complicated for the users to focus on the main point.
Focus on mentioning eye catching information. Add information that makes it easy to communicate with readers and does not create confusion.

What is necessary while designing for your readers?

Many designers prioritize what they think is suitable for the design they are creating and put what readers will like in the backseat. As a designer you should prioritize your target market. If you don’t like blue in your design but target market responds to it positively, than even if you hate it, use it in your design. Always keep this in your mind you’re serving for the desires of target market.

Headlines of the brochure should compose of such information that instantly tells what it is about. Choose right colors for background, foreground and font, not those which create a confusing image on a reader. Use high quality paper, as substandard quality paper in market is considered equivalent to a feeble handshake. To make your design more attractive add appropriate pictures, as with them people understand information quickly and with more interest.

Do not make it difficult for readers to respond

Never assume that readers will only buy your products because your browser is immensely eye catching and beautiful. Remember that you are just trying to motivate readers to stay in touch with you and what you are offering.
Make it easy for the readers to contact you. Write your business name, contact information and your website prominently in your brochure. If your business has social media accounts, mention their information as well. Aim to design memorable, effective and long lasting design for your brand. Aim for designing a creative and unique brochure that is worth keeping.

Every professional designer invests a lot of effort to follow user interface [UI] design standards to make their application usable. Why? Because a good interface allows users to easily navigate without necessitating any kind of training or manuals to read, establishing good ui design which leads to developing better things and better understanding. Get Quote for your interface design by professionals
Mostly all the professional designers are obsessed with tidying up each task in an organized way. A developer may get fed up in designing process because of the lack of structure. Even when now styles plugin in craft and latest updates are quite helpful, it still does not reach to the requirements of perfect workflow. Take a look to following hacks to make your workflow flawless.

Points to ponder

  • Remember everything is an object

Know that, your layout is composed of objects. Headlines, headers, footers, buttons, links and drop down, everything is an object. Consider all the objects on the layout as distinct entities which you can design.

  • Know that, everything has its own properties!

Bear that in mind, everything in your layout possesses its own properties. While designing, think of this way that every button has a specific style, size, font and background color. Similarly every footer every headline has its own style, size and height.

  • Make yourself ready for anything.

Remember that you are capable of creating design of every possible state and type. It does take little time and effort but it’s surely worth it once you are organized, you may be grateful for it later.

How to organize your stuff while designing?

Proceed towards organizing your material and consider all the associations and relationships. Next stage is to improve tools that upkeep such system. Creating visual styles for every visual combination will result more productively for you.

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Setting fonts, fonts’ sizes and line heights

You can add up different fonts for different occasions, such as for fancier occasion you can add $display font, for headlines you can add $sans-serif and for lengthy texts $serif etc. To set font size and line height, bear this in mind that the smaller line heights are required by bigger font sizes as they appear correspondingly larger. You can also appropriately set paddings as you can discriminate multi lined objects with specific line heights from one lined objects with line height 1.

How to use colors?

While choosing colors for UI, you need to make sure that your layout is readable. The best way for picking colors for UI is to follow the contrast rule. And that is simple, use light colored text for dark background and use dark colored text for lighter background. For instance, using brown color for text and white color for background will make it easy to read while using same brown color for text and dark blue for background will be a catastrophe for your screen.

What good is in getting organized while designing UI?

Believe that, getting organized while designing UI makes it easier to maintain workflow and gives more control of work. Creating relationships and style, putting objects etc. makes it better to do work than to start with a blank page. It is very helpful in case you have to handover your work to another designer. It gives more consistency and makes everything easy and simple to understand.

With the rapid advancement in technology and competition in every sector users have a lot options online and they get frustrated and show less tolerance to bad design and usability which brings light to the significance of web designs. If the users easily and quickly find what they are looking for that means the web design is well organized and is easy to navigate. Professional and interactive look will build trust and make potentials users to keep in touch with the website.

Why focus on a [web design]?

For the successful growth of the websites it is essential to make an impression through well-organized web design. Visitors will leave in seconds if they fail to grasp key elements and if the organization isn’t making sense during their stay on website. When target audience will find it easy to travel throughout the website because of its simple and easy navigation they will find it comfortable to visit it again and again.

Can a web design predict future of business?

Interactive and professional web designs can create eye catching spark that appeals the visitors which results in increasing of the traffic which is the prime requirement for the successful website. Once trust is successfully embed in users, it promises growth of the business of the website owners.

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Through successful growth of the business it is not difficult for the website owners to set their standard in digital market with their unique trade mark which is the fantastic way of setting their self apart from the competitors.  The more the reputation of the business grows, more valuable will be their trade mark that becomes the obvious choice for the potential users in the market, and users will find it more professional and trust worthy than other competitors of the particular website.

Will website design be the fundamental need of future generations?

In this cutting-edge technology age people feel more comfortable to work, shop, trade and seek information online which has created a tough competition in digital market to design more interactive websites with the easiest navigation as much as it is possible. It is so predictable that in future people will seek help online even more than they do now, and the users will have high expectations online. To meet the needs and requirements of target users, the face of websites we see today will change as well. It is no surprise that future generations will have more demands and necessities online. Get quote for your website design