Logo design is as important as good business plan because customers recognize any company, brand or corporation by logo. Logo design depicts image of the company in the mind of people. A well though logo design communicates worth of product or company to customers. Similarly a badly imagined logo can the abolish image of any company. Therefore extensive research is mandatory to design a logo.

Business owners should understand types of logo and merits of each before choosing logo for their company. Basically logo designs are of three types Text logo, Iconic logo and combined logo. Text logos design are simplest form of  logo and further divided into two categories Word mark logo and Letter mark logo. Word Mark logos focus on names of company, Brand or corporation like Google and Coco-Cola has used word mark logo. These types of logo designs are ideal if a businessman who wants to establish new business. If any business man chooses Word mark logo as a corporate design logo then he should select unique and catchy for his company. Letter mark logo designs usually consist of few letters like IBM, NASA and KFC. Letter mark logo designs are ideal if the name of company very long. Logo designers usually use initial letters of a name to design short and catchy logo.

A logo design establishes consumer loyalty that is why companies use logo design as most effective marketing tool and can increase its sales. Companies use their brand logo design to persuade more people to buy product and thus increase potential customers. A logo design is just like personal bank account number or design. A corporate logo design of any company provides legal ownership to that company. Company owners can take legal action against other fake company for using their logo. Now established companies are paying more attention to take logo designing and spend more money on research and development and hire expert designers to design a logo for their company.

The second type of logo design is iconic or symbolic logo. These logo designs are also known as brand logo designs.  Iconic logo designs just consist of image, pictures or geometrical shapes without written text. These types of logos are used to create image of brand or company in customer’s mind like blue color bird or apple image reminds people of Twitter and Apple. Third type of logo design is combined logo. Combined logo designs are combinations images and text like brand logo of “adidas” is combined logo. When any company owner wants to give more detail about company or product combined logo designs are prefects to convey information.

A few more types of logo design are Abstract logo, Mascot and Vintage logo logo. Abstract logos comprise of particular type of picture or geometric shapes which are not recognizable as Logo of Apple or twitter. Abstract logos are little complex and more colorful like logo of Pespsi and Nike. Abstract logo convey about company through symbol without relying on the cultural implications of a specific image. Mascot consists of characters like Person, cartoon   that represents any company. Characters are used as brand ambassador like KFC logo. These types of logo are used to attract kids and families. Vintage logo designs are most commonly used by companies. These logos consist of different shapes with some text or even taglines written inside the logo. Vintage logos are very simple elegant and give detail view about product.

Business owners should hire expert designers to design corporate logo for their company as customers recognize company through logo.